Dota Hero Rikimaru The Stealth Assasin

Dota Hero Rikimaru - The Stealth Assasin, Item Guide Build and Strategy. Rikimaru was born as heir to the satyr dominion, Rikimaru was trained by the strongest warrior race. Using his small size to his advantage, he can render himself invisible, enabling him to stab his enemies in the back. He can also use thick smoke as a cover, to kill. 

Rikimaru The Stealth Assasin

I. Introduction

Stealth, undetectable as it’s name. Another melee agility hero that come with blink strike. Synergy with backstab and perma invisible. Well, i know maybe some people rarely seen this hero on league match, because item dependant, and can easily countered by some hero e.g Gondar, Slardar, and also gem an sentry. But the funniest thing with this hero is you can walk anywhere without being ganked(if no gem or sentry) and surely can steal kill low hp hero. So how to do it? Let’s see

II. Skill Build

1, 3, 5, 7 : Blink Strike

2, 8, 9, 10 : Backstab

4, 12, 13, 14 : Smoke Screen

6, 11, 16 : Permanent Invisibility

III. General Tips

1. Always do every damage from behind to get bonus damage, makes creeping faster too.

2. Buy Gem if you really want to get safety all the way (ward if you don’t have enough money)

3. Use blink strike to get some steal kill and farming also escaping.

4. Don’t hesitate to search enemy in forest, if you lucky, you will get some kill.

IV. How To Play

Just like other agility hero, Rikimaru is one of the unique with his backstab and invisibility. Though he has lo hp too, and need so much money to enrage in late game. So i recommend you get this :

1. Power Treads

2. Cranium Basher

3. Mask Of Madness

4. Yasha

5. Butterfly

6. Gem Of True Sight/ Sentry

Start with one circlet and one slippers agility, continue with some tango, then pick any lane excet mid, and make sure you don’t solo. Play safety until lvl 6, after that, you can go ahead for better farming and killing. Careful with Gondar and Slardar, they can mak you visible in some time with their ultimate. Once you get money for power tread, make it. With Agi mode, now you have more bonus n backstab, try to kill some enemy like Kardel, Krobelus etc. Make sure you search some hero that like to be around in the forest. You can wait them to kill creep and let their hp bar goes down, then stab stab, die. Exception for Luna and other hero that has speciality when faces 1 vs 1 e.g Yurnero. But if you smart, you can make them waste their ulti. Exception also for Assasinate, you can’t run from it. Lock On.

Get Mask Of Madness to increase your insane backstab damage. Backstab with high ms/as will be a pain in the butt since you’ll chase him all the way and increase ms will be a handy in this time. But if you wnt to skip it and get Cranium Basher, hy not?bashed hero will be easier to kill, while stun, we can get 2-3 backstab damage. This will make us a really hunter in the back.

Butterfly is a common item for Agi hero so no question about that. But don’t ever get this item first because it’s more expensive than any other core item like lothar , dagger, and else. Gem can be gotten at anytime you want, if situation getting worse, get sentry, coz if you die while bring gem, then you’ll get countered easily later.

There is no special skill needed with Rikimaru, but pay attention when walking in the road, if some creep hit you while no hero, there must be a sentry in there, and repeat check those area, this will prevent you get killed in the battle once it happen in there.

V. Counter Hero And Friend

As i say before, Slardar, Gondar, Even Zeus can be your enemy. Play careful if you get Track or Amplify damage. Watch out for Rooftrellen Eyes in the forest, also reveal invisible unit. Other assasin lik boneclink like to bring a gem too sometimes f they want to kill you. Remember you can hide but you can’t run so fast like them.

VI. Conclusion

- Stab from behind (ALWAYS)

- Check for an remember where last time you get killed and hit by some enemy. Bring sentry for some counter

- Watch out for some anti invisible hero

- Blink strike has 2 purpose, chase and run.

- Smoke Screen must be used properly in the battle as it provide silence and miss 75% chance.

- Don’t BUT RADIANCE, there is no need for you to farm it. Also it tells you “There is Rikimaru in here, place sentry, DIE LOL “

Thanks for visiting, see you in the next post Dota Hero 

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